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It all started in 1991 when Kim and Sandy Kohler opened Watts up Stereo Inc. For ten years they built award winning car stereo systems. Best known for their 87 Buick T-Type Turbo 2,000 Watt National Competition Car, but due to changes in the industry and the economics of the area decided to close their doors in the year 2000. After six years Kim gets the "Itch" once more. "I have to do something or I'll go absolutely crazy, making things is what I do". "With my skills in woodworking and my knowledge in CNC machining, laser engraving was the best choice for me". "I think we can make people incredibly happy with fresh and new ideas", things that are worth saving a lifetime.

So, in the latter part of 2006 "Watt's it Worth LLC Laser engraving" was born. Kim and Sandy embark on their new business adventure with some strong beliefs. There promise is to dedicate themselves in producing fine gifts for people who want extremely well-made product that have their personal creative touch added. "We want all the products we sell to make you feel special". "Anybody can make and sell generic stuff, but where's the fun in that". "When you give a gift to someone you care about, it's supposed to make you and the person your giving the gift to feel fantastic about that very special moment". Weather it is a wedding, birthday, graduation, anniversary or any occassion at all, give from the heart and be a part of your gift giving.

Watt's it Worth Laser Engraving will work side by side with you to create the most satisfying, memorable gift products available. We want your experience with us to make a difference. That's a Promise!........thanks for your help Norman!


How is the laser engraving done?

Laser engraving is done similarly to regular LaserJet printing, except you have a little Special Effects Company working with you...well...sort of!

What different types of material can a CO2 laser engrave

CO2 lasers use ultra violet (invisible) light to burn wood, plastic, glass, granite, tile to name a few. Metal cannot be engraved, it reflects back, but there is a process that allows you to permanently mark metal. It has the characteristic of a silk screening.

What will laser engraving cost me?

We price buy the minute. You will need to send us a file of what you want done (text, art work etc.). Once we size the art work and text to the product we will send you an estimate.

Are there any requirements for photos or text if we submit them to you?

Digital camera requirements are:

  • 1.3 mega pixel and up.
  • 1280 x 960 or better resolution
  • Color or Grayscale
  • JPEG, TIFF, PDF file format
  • If you are scanning please use 300dpi setting - color or grayscale - original size
  • Remember the better the photo the better the engraving. You will be disappointed if you do not follow these guide lines......and we don't want you, our customer, unhappy.

How do I place an order with your company?

An E-mail or Phone call is the best way to get started. E-mail allows us to give you prices based on cost of product plus engraving. We will then send you a print out file of your project so you can approve the job or make any necessary changes. When satisfied, send us back the file (reply) with your approval and we will contact you for payment of merchandise and give you a time frame for delivery. All shipments are subject to delivery charges based on current rates from UPS or the US Postal System.

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